Redlands East Valley High School fixes SAT fiasco with retake


During the nation-wide in-school SAT day on Oct. 16, Redlands East Valley High School seniors sat down to take their final free SAT.  The 476 seniors – those who had not opted out – were all expecting to take their SAT with essay, only to find out that due to an error, that there were not enough essays.

Many of the testing rooms were not even given the option to take the essay, and were simply told to leave, and they had finished the test. Most of these students who had not been given the option were quite frustrated, as they wanted a chance to retake their essay score, as many colleges require the SAT with essay.

REV senior Isabelle Samaan, one of the students who was given the option to retake the SAT said, “I’m just frustrated because I’m missing tests in other classes to retake the SAT.” 

REV senior Samantha Baylon said, “having to retake the SAT was really a struggle because I had to skip my classes and as a result I was behind and it was difficult to catch up on my work.”

There were 50 tests sent to REV from the College Board. Students signed up to take the SAT again and were then chosen on a need basis to retake the assessment. The retake occurred Oct. 31, during the school day. The College Board and REV worked together to make this option available for students, as this is not the typical college board protocol.

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