Redlands East Valley’s club Cantabile will play for a smile


Nursing homes are not often associated with cheery residents nor thought about in general; however, Redlands East Valley’s club, Cantabile, is determined to change that.

Cantabile is a traveling orchestra for nursing home residents, senior center visitors and hospice patients. By playing music of all genres, they aim to bring vitality and smiles back onto the faces of one of the most underserved populations in the community. Cantabile also integrates community service with the growth of students, by raising awareness on the lives of some of the citizens of the Redlands community.

The word Cantabile means “in a smooth singing tone,” which perfectly describes the club’s purpose – to relax those who listen to their music. 

Cantabile club president said, “Whenever we enter a nursing home, we can feel the anticipation and curiously growing. By the time we are done, the smiles and thanks we receive, gives us the strength to go on and perform more often.”

Cantabile had even participated in last year’s REV talent show. Although they did not win a prize, they were the topic of many conversations in the following weeks. The passion shown while performing songs such as “Egyptian Legacy” and “Dance of the Tumblers” shocked many onlookers, who had little knowledge about Cantabile – the newest addition to the talented orchestra program at REV.

New members of any skill level in music are welcome and encouraged to join rehearsals in room C114 on Tuesdays from 3-3:40 p.m. after school. A single student’s interest in bringing a bit of sunshine into someone’s life helps to improve the community’s perspective of nursing homes and the elderly.

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