Redlands High School students express their food preferences


A poll was made where teenagers from Redlands High School were asked which food they prefer: fast food or food from a restaurant.

The poll consisted of 21 students in which they told us their preferences. 13 students voted for fast food; some anonymous comments included: “fast food is faster, and we don’t have to wait that long.” 8 students voted for restaurant food, and some anonymous comments mentioned that they prefer to eat with family and spend more time together.

Alejandro Estrada and Joshua Ramirez, Redlands High School students, eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, fast food, after school. (La Plaza Photos)

Redlands High School student Jorge Llamas gave us his point of view, saying “I personally like restaurant food, because it’s one way a family can come together during dinner. Fast food does have a lot of variety but it isn’t really my taste and it isn’t healthy either.”

Redlands High School student eats chips and guacamole in a Mexican restaurant. (La Plaza Photos)

In conclusion, the number of students who prefer fast food is greater than the number of students who prefer restaurant food at Redlands High School.

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