The Galapagos Islands: A Magical Place


This spring break, I visited the Galápagos islands and stayed there for a week and a half.  The main purpose of this trip was to learn about the beautiful islands and the animals that live there.  I also learned about the culture of the people living on the island, which is extremely interesting and different compared to people here. During this trip, I learned so much more about the wildlife and people of the islands as well as the islands themselves.

When I flew from Quito, Ecuador to the islands, I already knew that the islands were much different than Redlands.  The islands were very humid and tropical, but there weren’t many trees, making them different from other tropical areas.  The islands were also covered in volcanic pumice since they were formed from volcanic activity. As a result of all of this, the wildlife of the island greatly differed from that of Redlands.  For example, there were marine iguanas, frigate birds and huge spiders on the islands. On my first day on the island San Cristóbal, we went to the beach at sunset. At the beach, I swam with sea lions, which were not afraid of humans like many other animals on the islands.  

Additionally, the people living on the islands were different for several reasons.  They were all friendly and kind to everyone and not rude or aggressive like people in other countries.  In fact, the islanders are such good people that there is close to no crime on the islands. Also, the people there tend to be a bit shorter compared to people in other countries.  The islanders also love the unique place where they live, so they protect the islands in any way possible. For example, they protect the ocean by not allowing people to throw toilet paper in the toilet, making them throw it in the trash instead.  Another example is that they protect the animals by prohibiting people to approach them or touch them.

In conclusion, the Galápagos islands are a unique place, and I would recommend traveling to Ecuador to anyone on their next vacation.  Ecuador is a country rich in culture, interesting things and beautiful wildlife. I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to travel there because it was an amazing experience that very few people get to do during their lifetime.  With this trip, I now have a better understanding for all living organisms, and it inspires me to help protect our planet.

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