The 2019 NBA Playoff Race is coming to the end


The regular season of the NBA is coming to a close as all clubs only have one or two games left to complete before they prepare for either the offseason or the playoffs. Every possible scenario for every seed will be examined.

Current Standings – Western Conference

  1. Golden State Warriors (55-24), 0 GB
  2. Denver Nuggets (53-26), 2 GB
  3. Houston Rockets (52-28), 3.5 GB
  4. Portland Trail Blazers (50-29), 5 GB
  5. Utah Jazz (49-30), 6 GB
  6. Los Angeles Clippers (47-33), 8.5 GB
  7. Oklahoma City Thunder (46-33), 9 GB
  8. San Antonio Spurs (46-34), 9.5 GB

The Western Conference playoff teams are already set. However, they are relatively close to each other in terms of records, which means that there are plenty of possible orders to the Western Conference’s playoff bracket once the regular season is said and done.


  1. (Golden State Warriors), (Denver Nuggets)
  2. (Denver Nuggets), (Houston Rockets), (Golden State Warriors)
  3. (Houston Rockets), (Portland Trail Blazers), (Denver Nuggets)
  4. (Portland Trail Blazers), (Utah Jazz), (Houston Rockets)
  5. (Utah Jazz), (Portland Trail Blazers), (Oklahoma City Thunder)
  6. (Los Angeles Clippers), (Oklahoma City Thunder), (San Antonio Spurs)
  7. (Oklahoma City Thunder), (Los Angeles Clippers), (San Antonio Spurs)
  8. (San Antonio Spurs), (Oklahoma City Thunder), (Los Angeles Clippers)

Current Standings – Eastern Conference

  1. Milwaukee Bucks (59-21), 0 GB
  2. Toronto Raptors (56-24), 3 GB
  3. Philadelphia 76ers (50-30), 9 GB
  4. Boston Celtics (48-32), 11 GB
  5. Indiana Pacers (47-33), 12 GB
  6. Brooklyn Nets (40-40), 19 GB
  7. Orlando Magic (40-40), 19 GB
  8. Detroit Pistons (39-40), 19.5 GB
  9. Miami Heat (38-41), 20.5 GB
  10. Charlotte Hornets (37-42), 21.5 GB

Compared to the Western Conference, the Eastern Conference has a larger disparity between records among the teams still contending for a playoff spot. There are still five squads that are in the hunt for a playoff berth that have not yet clinched a spot in the postseason, starting with the Brooklyn Nets.


  1. Milwaukee Bucks
  2. Toronto Raptors
  3. (Philadelphia 76ers), (Boston Celtics)
  4. (Boston Celtics), (Indiana Pacers), (Philadelphia 76ers)
  5. (Indiana Pacers), (Boston Celtics)
  6. (Brooklyn Nets), (Orlando Magic), (Detroit Pistons), (Miami Heat), (Charlotte Hornets)
  7. (Orlando Magic), (Brooklyn Nets), (Detroit Pistons), (Miami Heat), (Charlotte Hornets)
  8. (Detroit Pistons), (Orlando Magic), (Brooklyn Nets), (Miami Heat), (Charlotte Hornets)

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