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REV Editor in Chief: Aleena Siritanapivat/Editor in Chief de REV

Aleena Siritanapivat is a senior at Redlands East Valley High School and is the first Editor-in-Chief at REV for La Plaza bilingual publication. Though her first love of the arts was drawing, she admits that her new number one is writing, claiming that all of her writing comes straight from her heart and soul. Besides writing and editing articles, she is a Student Tech Director for her high school’s spring production of The Sound of Music, Parliamentarian for Spanish Club, and a member of Speech and Debate as well as other clubs. Her love of the Spanish language and culture stems from her stepfather’s side of the family, and she wants to be able to spread its beauty to the community through journalism.

Aleena Siritanapivat es una estudiante del último año en Redlands East Valley High School y es la primera redactora jefe en REV para La Plaza publicación bilingüe. Aunque su primer amor de las artes era dibujar, ella admite que su primero nuevo es escribir diciendo que todo de su escritura viene directamente de su corazón y alma. Además de escribiendo y revisando artículos, es una directora de técnico de las estudiantes para la producción de primavera de The Sound of Music, Parlamentaria de Spanish Club, y una miembra de Speech & Debate y también otros clubes. Su amor de la lengua de español y su cultura deriva del lado de la familia de su padrastro y ella quiere poder a difundir la belleza de la lengua y cultura a la comunidad por el periodismo.

Guadalupe Sánchez, estudia en la escuela preparatoria de Citrus Valley, es mexicana, tiene 18 años de edad, y su comida favorita es el sushi. Ella se considera una persona extrovertida, divertida y amigable. Guadalupe es miembro del periódico estudiantil porque le gusta trabajar en equipo y espera que las noticias en el periódico de ellos sean interesantes y que se encuentren lo que se quieran saber todos. En caso que alguien tenga una pregunta, quiera ser parte del periódico estudiantil o tenga alguna queja de algún artículo, se puede contactarla a su correo electrónico. 
Guadalupe Sánchez is a student at Citrus Valley High School. She is Mexican, 18 years old and her favorite food is sushi. She considers herself fun, friendly and an extrovert. She is a member of the student newspaper because she likes to work on a team. She hope that their news is interesting and that everyone will find what they want to know. If anyone has any questions, wants to join the school newspaper or has any complaints, feel free to contact her.
Melanie Uribe is the Editor-In-Chief of La Plaza News and a junior at Citrus Valley High School. She is seventeen, her favorite flower is a white tulip, and her favorite show is Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Outside of school, she enjoys painting at her favorite art studio in Highland, reading fictional novels, and watching classic horror films. She aspires to double major in criminology and psychology, learn how to do a cartwheel, and find genuine contentment in life.

Jade Carlin is currently a sophomore student at Redlands EAcademy. She was a student at Redlands East Valley for freshmen year and for the first semester of sophomore year. She is interested in photography, video production, as well as discovering new things and learning new skills. She was interesting in taking spanish because she feels that it is fascinating to learn a completely new language and share it with friends and family.

Jade Carlin es actualmente una estudiante de segundo año en la Academia de Redlands. Ella estudiaba en Redlands East Valley durante el primer año y durante el primer semestre del segundo año. Se interesa en fotografía, producción de video, y también en descubrir cosas nuevas y aprender nuevas habilidades. Ella estaba interesada en tomar español porque siente que es fascinante aprender un idioma completamente nuevo y compartirlo con amigos y familiares.

Christina Andronescu is the Managing Editor of La Plaza News and a junior at Citrus Valley High School. Upon hearing about the pioneering bilingual publication, she wished become involved and work hard to see the RUSD’s diverse, multifaceted student body and community represented on the new platform. She is currently the Opinion Editor for Ethic News, Vice President of Interact Club, and actively participates in other extracurriculars such as Mock Trial, Science Club, and Link Crew. Outside of school, her hobbies include reading, writing, and volunteering at a local hospital.

Aaleyah Winslow is an 11th grader at Redlands East Valley High School. She is an AP student and strives to do her best in every task. Aaleyah’s priority is to put Jesus first all things she does. One of the main things she loves to do is to obsess over Disneyland.

Ethan Sibbett. Soy en el grado doce y el original Ethic News. Soy capitano de badminton en Citrus. Quiero ser escritor de ficción (aventuras) después de graduarme. Pienso asistir a BYU. Hace cuatro años que tomo español aquí, y también viajé a Ecuador el verano pasado.

My name is Arleene Mejia, I am a junior at Citrus Valley High School. When I was younger I admired my older sister for her artistic abilities, I remember wanting to be just like her but it was evident that I was not talented in the field of art. She has taught me the valuable life lesson which was to never give up. She encouraged me to continue to look for who I really was and what was talent that I had. I am also grateful for my mother who was a great example of someone who is full of determination. Having such great influences in my life is what makes me have that sense of courage to want to learn and experience. Thanks to them I was able to find that my  true interest is writing, I want to be able to improve and grow more and more.

Hola, me llamo Gael Pérez y actualmente tengo 16 años y soy un junior en CVHS. Me encanta aprender en la escuela y también correr con mi equipo de correr de la escuela. Me gusta la ciencia y matemáticas pero también el español. Estoy muy emocionado para trabajar en La Plaza porque ayudará aumentar la diversidad y expresión de el español y otras idiomas también .

Stephanie Tejeda specializes in photography and digital art. She is a very introverted person but will warm up once she feels more comfortable. Stephanie is very Arts oriented and loves to create pieces that astonish people. She loves showing people how she sees the world and the ways she can change it. Tejeda grew up in a Spanish speaking household but was so stubborn, that she refused to learn it since everyone else knew it. She wanted to be “different” in the language area, but as she grew older, Stephanie realized that it’s part of her culture and it isn’t about being “different.” Thus she embraced her Hispanic roots and decided to indulge in the culture.

Mia Aranda is a freshman at Redlands East Valley and is currently the Video editor of La Plaza. She joined the Billingual Newspaper in hopes to improve her writing and videography. Aranda is a part of the Track and Field team for REV and co-magazine editor for Ethic News. Outside of school, she has been a dedicated Girl Scout for five years and also plays the piano. After high school, Aranda aspires to go attend UCLA and become a history teacher. She is extremely excited to be a part of this newspaper and looks forward to what is to come.


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