Redlands East Valley High School restyles campus: How changes have affected in-person experience


Since school switched from in-person to online learning last March, the Redlands East Valley High School campus has undergone many changes that have affected students returning to in-person learning this year. Some of these changes are shown below.

Changes to the Library:

The library is now fully furnished with new lounge chairs that allow students to sit comfortably while working on assignments. (ALISSON BERMUDEZ/ La Plaza photo)

Despite the improvements implemented in the library, social distancing prevents students from using the new furniture to its fullest potential especially for collaborative activities. Due to the Covid-19 guidelines, students must stay three feet apart from each other and cannot put together their desks in order to work collaboratively. (ALISSON BERMUDEZ/ La Plaza photo)

The library contains new collaboration stations each equipped with a lounge couch and a monitor. Currently, stations can only accommodate three students and are not allowed to be used to their full capacity. (ISAAC MEJIA/ La Plaza photo)

New sound baffles that illustrate panoramic landscape pictures of Redlands hang inside the library. These pictures were taken by fellow staff members such as Ron Kroetz and Kelly Tilson. (ALISSON BERMUDEZ/ La Plaza photo)

A sign posted on the library door politely reminds students to wear a mask. Due to current Covid-19 guidelines, students and faculty must wear a mask in order to attend school. (ISAAC MEJIA/ La Plaza photo)

As students enter the library, they are met with a bottle of hand sanitizer to help maintain personal cleanliness. This small addition can be seen in different locations throughout the school and is specific to the current school year. (ISAAC MEJIA/ La Plaza photo)

Changes to Campus:

Of the two sets of staircases in each building, only one staircase will be accessible to walk up, while the other will be used to walk down. This specific measure has forced students to take different detours to their next class. (ALISSON BERMUDEZ/ La Plaza photo)

Stickers were placed on the floor in front of the textbook office to remind students of the social distancing regulations which require them to maintain 6-feet distance when outside. (ALISSON BERMUDEZ/ La Plaza photo)

The office contains a secondary protective entrance which allows people to take their temperature before entering campus. After precautionary actions are taken, the individual at the front desk will unlock the door: the door remains locked otherwise; however, nothing is required to enter the first entrance. (ISAAC MEJIA/ La Plaza photo)

Every entrance into campus has a temperature check with a person monitoring your temperature to see if you can safely be inside the campus. Students and staff must complete this step either with their head or this wrist to ensure they have a normal temperature. (ALISSON BERMUDEZ/ La Plaza photo)
Since every student did not return to in-person instruction, most classrooms do not have a full set of students. Students who returned to school have a desk with plexi glass that can be removed upon student discretion. (ALISSON BERMUDEZ/ La Plaza photo)

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