Photos: Roast The Dead Coffee shop scares its way into Yucaipa


Located at 12764 California St. in Yucaipa, this horror themed coffee shop is not something civilians would see in everyday life. The shop is based on the horror genre and multiple horror movies which makes it a very rare and uncommon theme to see in a coffee shop. It has grown in popularity since opening Valentine’s Day weekend, and it’s no surprise why.

The Roast The Dead Coffee shop sign at the entrance is just the beginning of a coffee shop experience horror-movie lovers will never forget. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

A small statue of Sam from «Trick ‘r Treat» (2007) stands with his lollipop alongside the disposables and menus holding treats for patrons to enjoy. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

An accurate replica of the Anabelle doll from «The Conjuring» franchise sits inside of her glass box in the resting corner of the shop along with a ouija board, a friendly ghost statue and two pieces of 80’s style furniture. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

In the corner of the shop, posters of the classic movies «The Lost Boys» (1987), «Halloween» (1978), «The Nightmare on Elm Street» (1984), «Friday the 13th» (1980) and «Killer Klowns from Outer Space» (1988) are accompanied by smaller photos of the classic horror movie characters Anabelle from the «Annabelle» film series, Leatherface from «The Texas Chainsaw Massacre» film series, Pinhead from the «Hellraiser» franchise and 2017’s Pennywise from the «It» films. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

Life size statues of the well known horror characters Micheal Myers, Freddie Kruger and Jason Vorhees stand on the right side of the shop constantly watching attendees enjoy their drinks. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

This part of the shop is where patrons decide which of the many delicious drinks and pastries they will purchase. Each of the unique drinks have creative horror-themed names such as ‘6 ft Under,’ ‘Freddie’s Nightmare’ and ‘The Myers.’ (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

The final verdict for Roast the Dead Coffee is that it is an amazing shop and a must-see for all horror-movie lovers. The shop itself may not be the biggest, but in the end, that is only a fraction of what matters. It has delicious drinks and pastries, hard working and kind employees, a supportive community and a very pleasant vibe. In short, the shop has something for everyone to enjoy. It is heartwarming to see Roast the Dead Coffee exceed in all areas so well. Yucaipa is fortunate to have such an amazing and rare coffee shop in its community. 

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