Virtual global skate scavenger hunt organized by Skate IDSA and GooseChase


The Great Longboard GooseChase Volume One is a month-long event from Dec. 18, 2020 to Jan. 18, 2021, and its organizers are Skate International Distance and Supercross Association (IDSA) and the mobile scavenger hunt app GooseChase. Thirty-seven recognizable sponsors from the longboard and skateboard community such as Loaded Boards, Paris Trucks Co., and Longboard Girls Crew have also helped to curate challenges and prizes.

Skate IDSA has organized previous online races earlier this year including 100 miles in 24 hours and an accumulative 100 miles in a month, so starting a virtual scavenger hunt was not their first socially distanced endeavor. 

The IDSA is seeking an entertaining method to promote mental health awareness. Donations from sponsors and challengers will be going to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, which gives cash grants to people doing research in mental health fields such as post trauma stress disorder (PTSD), addiction, and trauma. It is the largest private funder of mental health research in the United States of America with a worldwide reach. 

Some rules, according to Skate IDSA’s website, include respectful conduct and completing all posted challenges to get as many possible points. Because it will be hard for administrators to verify distance, time, and speed challenges, they are recorded by challengers using ride tracking apps such as Strava or Garmin.

New, creative challenges are released every Friday. Organizers noted that the challenges will be mental, from every form of skate, skill focused, and even introspective; some challenges include playing “Run Rudolph Run” by Chuck Berry on one’s loudest portable speaker throughout their neighborhood and another one would be leaving an encouraging, unsigned note while out skating.

In addition to the basic parameters, there is a point system. One can get extra points as easily as saying a funny comment during the video or adding a unique flair in executing the challenge, but one can lose points by not correctly completing a challenge.

For 500 points, one had to take a picture of their board with a bird. It was a challenge to find a creative way to take a picture with a bird, but it was nothing that a little perspective could not solve. (AILEEN JANEE CORPUS / La Plaza photo)

For 600 points, one had to take a picture of their board with the oldest building in their city, and in Los Angeles, there is the 203-year-old Avila Adobe in the heart of Olvera Street. (AILEEN JANEE CORPUS / La Plaza photo)

For a whopping 1,000 points, one had to skate the longest distance they have ever skated. (AILEEN JANEE CORPUS / La Plaza photo)

Each player who accrues 20,000 points will be entered in a raffle. Prizes include boards, wheels, trucks, bushings, and other longboarding and skating gear. An especially lucrative prize is an online class with well-known longboarder Brandon DesJarlais.

The Great Longboard GooseChase helped me get out of my comfort zone and improve my longboard skills. One challenge required the skater to ride their longboard at a skatepark, and I was extremely nervous because I was the only girl and the only one with a longboard. The challenge caused me to overcome my fear. Now, I can comfortably go to a skatepark despite my gender or kind of board.

The Great Longboard GooseChase Volume Two is planned to span eleven days from June 25, 2021 to July 4, 2021. So, when June 25 rolls around, grab your phone and board and join the community. As Skate IDSA said, “Have fun, be kind, and ride on, everyone.”

Despite the virtual scavenger hunt mainly being longboard oriented, this challenge was to help someone in our community, and one of my neighbors happened to give my family oranges the same day we made chocolate chip, walnut, banana muffins, so I gave the muffins to them in return. (AILEEN JANEE CORPUS / La Plaza photo)

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