Opinion: Five ideas to celebrate a quarantine Halloween safely


Halloween is regarded by many as their favorite holiday. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s festivities will be very different from others. The conventional activities of trick-or-treating or going out somewhere are not advisable. But, taking safety precautions does not mean that Halloween cannot be fun. There are many other ways to enjoy Halloween that can be done safely on your own or with loved ones.  

  1. Pick a scary flick

A common pastime during the month of October is watching horror movies.  Whether one enjoys a more comedic horror movie such as “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” and “Evil Dead,” or films with more punch such as “Hush” and “Unfriended,” there is something for everyone. Corri Bromberger, a Redlands Independent Study Education student, said the plan is to, “Stay at home and watch scary movies.”  

  1. Dress for the occasion 

While it is not recommended to go trick-or-treating, the fun and creative spirit of the holiday can still be achieved by wearing a costume. Buying a costume can be entertaining as well as fashionable. Making costumes from scratch can be a rewarding experience for those who wish to express themselves and their creativity. For an even safer costume, one can dress up with a costume that utilizes masks, such as a doctor. This way, one can still be responsible and protect others and even incorporate a mask in a way that is entertaining or humorous. Dressing up for Halloween can give a satisfying feeling of normalcy given how different 2020 has been from previous years, but social distancing is highly encouraged. 

  1. Party virtually

Even with the absence of the traditional Halloween experience, For many, spending time with loved ones is what holidays are all about. With the rise of applications like Zoom and Google Meet along with cellular telephones, that is now possible in the space of home. Nothing can replace in-person interaction completely, but video calls are still a fine method to interact with loved ones without risking the health of others. As Paul McClure, a Redlands High School student, describes: “I am looking forward to it, even if I don’t get to go trick or treating or go to a party I can still hang out with friends over Zoom.”

  1. Decorate your space
(MIA ARANDA/ La Plaza photo)

Setting up decorations around one’s house is another safe, traditional Halloween activity. Since it can be expensive, there are also fun, creative ways to decorate houses with a low budget. Many conventional household items can be turned into spooky decorations. For example, a watermelon can be carved and decorated just as easily as a pumpkin. Bats, ghosts, or other shapes can be cut out of construction paper. 

  1. Eat sweet

The most simple way to celebrate Halloween is to eat candy. While excessive consumption of candy is unhealthy, eating candy is one of the main reasons kids and adults alike enjoy Halloween and the month of October so much. Many stores offer more candy than normal at discounted prices around the month of October. 

While there are many ways to spend this year’s Halloween, one thing is certain. People should try to stay as safe as possible whether they go out or not. Holidays like these bring people together, but there needs to be an emphasis on safety because of the severity of the coronavirus pandemic in America. Keeping yourself and others around you safe should be a priority during these times, no matter what day it is. 

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