Writer: Jasmine Rosales

Jasmine Rosales is a 14-year-old freshman at Citrus Valley High School who is partaking in her first year as a writer in Digital Journalism. Rosales’ interest in journalism sparked when she realized how impactful and eye-opening journalism is to the world and her community. She hopes to write in both the sports and fashion section of the digital newspaper this year. Apart from academics, Rosales finds ways after school to release stress and wind out of a difficult day by playing soccer in which she says the sport is an “escape from reality.” Rosales has been on the field since she was five years old in which she had the great privilege of experiencing her first ever scored goal. “When you step on that field, it’s only you and the ball” a feeling she is sure every person needs an escape to. She enjoys the outdoors and exploring, and actually has described her perfect day as being on the beach with friends with no worries. Rosales will be determined this academic school year as when she sets her mind to something she truly believes in, no obstacle will be too big to overcome. She is a true friend and will always be there to help those who need her. Her compassion and sensitive, but strong behavior, creates a grand individual who is well appreciated in a community as in Digital Journalism.

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