Coronovirus knocks national sports off calendar for foreseeable future


National Football League

The NFL has essentially continued as planned during this time. The start of 2020 free agency was not delayed, though it is more difficult for teams and free agents to meet. There are no plans to postpone the 2020 draft. However, all public events relating to the draft in Las Vegas have been canceled. The draft will proceed normally and be televised behind closed doors.

National Basketball Association

The NBA has postponed its season indefinitely, but hopes to return and declare a 2019-2020 champion. The hiatus will last until April 10th at the very least, but likely far beyond that date. Utah Jazz stars Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, Detroit Pistons forward Christian Wood, Kevin Durant and three other Brooklyn Nets, Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics, two players on the Los Angeles Lakers, and three members of the Philadelphia 76ers organization have tested positive for the coronavirus. Other teams around the league are in the process of being tested. 

Major League Baseball

Spring Training was underway in the MLB during the outbreak of coronavirus. The remainder of it has been canceled and opening day will be pushed back at least two weeks.

National Hockey League

Like the NBA, the NHL has also halted their season until conditions improve. Thus far, only one NHL player has been infected. He is a member of the Ottawa Senators, but his identity is unknown.

Major League Soccer

Similar to the NBA, the MLS has paused play for thirty days. The Premier, Champions, and Europa Leagues have all stopped games and operations.

National Collegiate Athletic Association

The NCAA’s Division I basketball tournaments, March Madness, have been canceled along with all other winter sports.


The Players Championship has been canceled. The 2020 Masters has been postponed.

XFL Football

Taking the precedent set by other professional sports leagues a step farther, the XFL has canceled the rest of their season.

Horse Racing

The 2020 Kentucky Derby has been pushed back to September.

Individual Athletes

Many athletes, owners and celebrities have stepped forward to pay the salaries of workers that depend on a livelihood from sports.

According to the Los Angeles Times, as of March 21, there have been several confirmed cases of professional athletes that have tested positive for the coronavirus, including, but not limited to several players from the NBA, a coach and player from the NFL, a pro-golfer, two hockey players, and players and management from the MLS.

Image result for kevin durant

Kevin Durant is infected with coronavirus. (via USA Today)

Image result for zion williamson

Zion Williamson will be donating enough money to cover thirty days of work for all of the employees at Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. (via Star Tribune)

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