The influence of cell phones is determined by the beholder


Smartphones are vital communicative tools used by all age groups, especially younger generations. Moreover, these devices have brought an endless array of information resources to the palm of one’s hand, bridged the common  communication gaps via social networking sites (Adrianna Calvo / Pexels)

Having a cell phone as a young person in today’s world can affect us either positively or negatively. Some positive uses include using technology as a way to contact our loved ones or complete schoolwork, and some negative uses include wasting too much time on social media or using electronics to procrastinate on assignments. Overall, it is up to the individual to determine whether the impact of their cell phone is good or bad.

The portable supercomputers in our pocket make our generation unique, especially because we dedicate a significant portion of our attention to using them. As a tool, our cell phones can help us focus on what needs to be addressed in a timely manner, maintain communication between friends and family, manage all sorts of finances and so much more. Instead of waiting in line at a payphone or at a bank, we possess the ability to easily and quickly navigate the world around us with the help of our cell phones. Social media also helps us stay in touch with our friends and family, especially the ones we barely see or hardly know. Through these various networks, we can make friendships and strengthen our means of emotional support, which in the long run may help a person experiencing troubling times or emotional distress.

However, this ease of access that cell phones provide also comes with certain downsides. We all know that we can waste a lot of time just mindlessly scrolling through our phone, and we may even end up staying up all night playing games or texting, making us exhausted and unprepared to face the next day. This shows that we have to learn to appropriately manage our time when using technology as other priorities such as grades may start suffering as we lose track of time.

As the development of this modern generation has shown, social media itself can take a negative toll on young people in the form of cyber bullying or online harassment. Unfortunately, social media has ended relationships between people over petty issues  as certain members of younger generations seem to pay more attention to trivial matters and seek “clout” from influencers by any means necessary. We have to learn what we can and cannot do in order to make cell phones more a tool rather than an obstacle in the path to success.

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