News Brief: The Baghdad missile attack and Iran responds with bombing


The Trump Administration launched a drone attack in Baghdad, Iraq on Jan. 3 2020. The target of this attack was Major General Qassim Suleimani of Iran, Suleimani was a top military official and had been a key player in the fight against ISIS. According to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), there were nine other casualties in the drone strike.  Four of these casualties were IRGC officers: Captain Vahid Zamanian, Colonel Shahroud Mozafarinia, Major Hadi Taremi and Brigadier General Hossein Pourjafari. The other five casualties were of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, which is part of the Iraqi Armed Forces. The chief of protocol and public relations, Muhammed Reza al-Jaberi and deputy chairman Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis were among the PMF casualties.

Over the Holy Dome Jamkarān Mosque, a red flag has been raised in Qom, Iran.  The red flag is symbolic of more violence to come in retribution for the loss of their Major General.  The first move of retribution was Iran attacking two American military bases in Iraq with a total of 12 ballistic missiles.  America’s armed forces have since been moved up to Defense readiness Condition (DEFCON) level two, which prior to Iran’s attack was at DEFCON level three.  DEFCON level two means that the United States Armed Forces are prepared to be shipped out in six hours or less. Both Iran and America are standing at the ready for the next attack.

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