Q&A Teacher Feature with Jody Bradberry, Advanced Placement Literature teacher


Position or job title: AP Literature and Composition teacher at Redlands East Valley High School 
Years in this teaching position: 28 years
Currently teaching: All AP Literature classes 
Educational background: Graduated from “high school in 3 years instead of 4 years since the criteria was different back then it is now,” according to Bradberry. She attended Orange Coast College for a year, then dropped out and took a year off. She returned to school and finished her Associate of Arts degree. Bradberry then transferred to University of California, Irvine. When she was 32 she went back to school at the University of Redlands and got her teaching credential. 
Teaching Experience: Clement Junior High School, Redlands high school, and Redlands East Valley High School.
Hobbies and Free Time: Reading, watching TV, going to the movies and hanging out with my dogs.
Advisor for any clubs or organizations: No not anymore

Samaan: Would you like to share any info regarding family? 

Bradberry: Sure, I have two kids one is named Allison who is 34 and she has a child and is pregnant with her second child. I have a son named Joe and he and his husband live in Koreatown and is a social worker. 

Samaan: Would you like to share any info regarding pets? 

Bradberry: Sure, I have a golden retriever named Pouch who is 9 years old. I have a golden labrador named Willow and she is 4 years old.

Samaan: Do you feel teaching have you changed since you started? 

Bradberry: It has helped me become more hopeful for the world because the students make me hopeful for the future.

Samaan: How do you feel students have changed you since you started teaching? 

Bradberry: The students make me feel young, keep me active and keep me engaged on the importance of Literature. 

Samaan: What obstacles do you feel teachers face today? 

Bradberry: Everything that is happening outside of school. Such as school shootings is how we need to protect our children from gun violence to make the students feel safe at school. To help them enjoy learning and to not fear what is happening outside of school. 

Samaan: What obstacles do you feel students face today?

Bradberry: I feel students face the same issues as teachers. That some children are scared of issues such as school shootings that they don’t feel safe at school. I think it is hard for students to come to school. We have a lot of students who are on free and reduced lunch  so they come from families who don’t have a lot and I think that is hard. Sometimes when we hear their stories we are even surprised that even make it to school. Yet here they come. So I think family problems, housing problems and food problems. Other things like peer pressure in whether they belong to a group of people or not on campus.

Samaan: Why did you go into teaching? 

Bradberry: I always wanted to. Since I was in 9th grade I had Mr Maginnis, who was my english teacher at the time. I just absolutely fell in love with the written word and knew that I wanted to be a teacher. All the kind of personality tests that I had taken throughout high school always showed me as a teacher. So it is something I have always wanted to do. 

Samaan: Did you have any mentors or role models growing up? 

Bradberry: Mr Miginnis was one, he was a big role model for me. My mom was another one of my role models who had insisted that we go to college before we got married. That was what she did because she didn’t go to college. She wanted to make sure we went to college. 

Samaan: What is your favorite aspect about teaching? 

Bradberry: My favorite aspect is being with the kids and giving them the importance of Literature in our society.

Samaan: Do you have a favorite unit or lesson that you look forward to teaching to each year? 

Bradberry: I love Shakespeare, my class just finished reading Hamlet. He is my favorite playwright. 

Samaan: What advice would you like to share with students today? 

Bradberry: To read. The more you read the more knowledge you have. The more you read the more you know how the world works. In fictional pieces that we read in class there are always life lessons in them and it exposes you to the world at large. 

Lea este artículo en español aquí: https://laplaza.press/2020/01/09/preguntas-y-respuestas-un-relace-con-la-senora-jody-bradberry-maestra-de-literatura-avanzada/

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