Opinion and Whiteboard Question: Vacation is important family time

(Edward Godinez/ La Plaza Photo)


Vacations are one of the most important experiences that unite the Hispanic family and allow us to connect with our traditions.

Types of vacations that a family takes include: exploring a new city, going to the museum, having fun in a theme park or enjoying time at a lake. In my opinion, Disneyland is the most fun place to take the family. 

In Hispanic culture, family comes first. When it comes to making travel decisions, in some families, adults, grandparents and uncles are the ones responsible for making decisions. Other families are more likely to consult with different family members, which would include all generations. 

Another fun and exciting way to spend time with your family is going on vacation. Vacations help us get away from the city with activities such as camping with your loved ones and exploring the natural wonders that the world has to offer. Going camping is the most effective way for someone who watches television on the sofa all day to leave home and spend time with family to build traditions. 

Spending time together during vacations is excellent because it creates memories and families can talk about the experiences they have together.

Whiteboard Question: What will your family do during winter vacation?

Citrus Valley High School senior Chloe Ocdamia responds with «Tulog,» which means «Sleep» in Tagalog. (Kelly Johnston/ La Plaza photo)
Citrus Valley High School history teacher Alan Perez writes, «Tamales, mi burrito, Sabanero, pozole, posadas, familia, tamales.» (Kelly Johnston/ La Plaza photo)
Citrus Valley High School senior Evadney Brooks writes, «ne rien,» which translates to «nothing» in French. (Kelly Johnston/ La Plaza photo)
Citrus Valley High School senior Payne Anthony writes, «Familia meum nihil dusenant,» which translates to «My family does nothing» in Latin.
Rachel Stark, Redlands East Valley High School Registrar office staff, writes, «Bake cookies, make tamales, spent time with family!» (Amelie Palacios/ La Plaza photo)
Redlands East Valley High school counselor Shana Delmonico writes, «All about family time. Mountains snowboarding!» (Amelia Palacios/ La Plaza photo)

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