Netflix’s latest release ‘Tall Girl’ receives major backlash


“You think your life is hard? I’m a high school junior wearing size 13 nikes, mens size 13 nikes, beat that.” Jodi Kreyman, played by Ava Michelle, the main character from the movie “Tall Girl” on Netflix, could not tell you the half of it.  This movie takes the viewer through the “complex” life of Jodi Kreyman. She is a 6’1 and 1/2” girl who receives questions such as “how’s the weather up there?” on a daily basis by her peers. 

Jodi is not like other girls, especially when it comes to having a love life. Most girls do not struggle to find a boyfriend due to height restrictions, a sentiment which Jodi can’t share due to her height. There is a potential suitor, Dunkleman, played by Griffin Gluck, but he is too short for a tall girl like Jodi, as in 5’7” short. A typical relationship will have the girl shorter than the boy, which can’t be said for Jodi.

Since Jodi is taller, she has essentially given up on the chance of a love life at all, until the gorgeous foreign exchange student from Sweden walks into Chemistry class. Stig, played by Luke Eisner, stands at 6’2”, compatible to Jodi’s height. 

Throughout the rest of the movie, Stig and Jodi appear to fall in love. Life is now better for Jodi, because she has a good looking boy who just so happens to be taller than her. Towards the end of the movie, at a party, Stig is recorded denying his feelings for Jodi, and making her out to be crazy. Dunklemen, seeing this, gives a speech defending Jodi’s honor, and proceeds to fight Stig. Jodi later sees the video and realizes who she should really be with, and in the end, she and Dunklemen make a great couple.

After watching the movie, many viewers wasted no time sharing their thoughts. Videos made on the Tik Tok app (an iOS and Android social media video app for creating and sharing short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos), quickly surfaced, in response.

 There was a Tik Tok made where the creator started off by sharing the scene from the movie where Jodi explains how she is 6’1” and wears mens size 13 nikes. Next the creator edited in a part of themselves and said “I have cancer.”Another was made where a different creator played the same scene from the movie then edited in a part of themselves saying “I have abusive parents.”

These responses are bold and hit deep. It makes viewers of the movie and Tik Toks realize that there are problems worse than being tall.  Along with these Tik Toks, there have been several news articles written regarding the movie. These articles discuss how this movie is just like every other romantic comedy but just with the protagonist being a tall girl. For example, similar to all other romantic comedies, there is a girl, a crush, a best friend, and a mean girl. Viewers were upset at how being tall was victimized in a romantic comedy, and consequently gave “Tall Girl” a negative review.

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