The chocoflan comes from many generations before us. Chocoflan is a traditional dessert that always ends up on the Mexican family table, much like pastel de tres leches.

This dessert has kept families united for generations. The great-grandmother of my mother used to make this dessert, as this is one thing that she wanted to be passed on through generations of my family. My grandma makes it, aunts, cousins and I now prepare this at my family reunions.

Most of our families live in Mexico, so we make this dessert to bring the family we have here together. It is special to have a family reunion, because it maintains better communication. This dessert is very easy to prepare, and it can even be done as a family.

Chocoflan can also be sold, and in my family, we meet up on the weekends to sell Mexican food. Chocoflan is the perfect dessert.

La pinata is also a part of a traditional party, as this is a way that the family can feel united. The kids and grown-ups alike have grand moments as a result of the pinata since the kids get candy while the parents chat to the side.

In Mexican families, desserts and pinatas are consistently traditional. I hope that our stories inspire you to attempt to reunite with your family through desserts or other traditions.


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