Plant Power’s fast food stands out as uniquely vegan

Featured above is a vanilla soft serve ice cream with strawberry syrup and an Oreo “milkshake” from Plant Power. Plant Power in Redlands is located at 450 West Stuart Avenue #110. (MIA ARANDA/ La Plaza photo)


“Chicken” nuggets, “fish” sandwiches, “cheeseburgers,” “cheesecake,” ice “cream” and “sausage” muffins; these are all food choices offered at the vegan fast food restaurant, Plant Power. With everything on its menu being vegan, no animal based ingredients are allowed to be used, which would include things like  chicken, cheese and cow milk.

It is not often that people in Redlands are introduced to restaurants that offer 100% vegan options, but when such places do open, locals always value and crave more.

Currently in Redlands, there are few places that provide vegan choices for those whose lifestyle depends on it. Many vegans have to examine the ingredients in the food they are considering eating to ensure there are no animal products used. Needless to say, it can be arduous to constantly have to be attentive of every ingredient being ingested.

When the fast food restaurant Plant Power opened its doors in August of 2018, it quickly added to the popularity of the Redlands Packing House District. Plant Power is “traditional fast food that’s easier on the body, the planet and our animal friends,” as stated from Plant Power Fast Food. In addition to Plant Power’s location in Redlands, the unique eatery is also located in Ocean Beach, Encinitas, San Diego and Long Beach.

Breakfast, from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., as well as salads, burgers, sandwiches and desserts are all served at this one-of-a-kind eatery. All of their food is made 100% from plants and is served to customers in 100% biodegradable material. In addition to Plant Power’s awareness for the environment, they also stress the importance of a  healthy diet with its menu that is also entirely cholesterol free and 100% GMO free and made with no artificial flavors, trans-unsaturated fatty acids, hydrogenated oil and high-fructose corn syrup.

Plant Power stresses the importance of limiting one’s consumption of animal products because meat and dairy production is the “largest contributor to greenhouse gasses and is enormously wasteful of our precious water resources.” In addition to these environmental effects, many health problems derive from the excessive consumption of animal products. According to Feed Navigator, “methane emission from livestock is predicted to increase due to an expected doubling in the global milk and meat demand by 2050.”

For those wanting to promote Plant Power’s values, merchandise is available for purchase on its website, Plant Power Fast Food. Its products range from pins to t-shirts to bandanas.

Citrus Valley junior Jacquy Herrera became vegan after watching the documentary, “What the Health” where she learned of the negative effects of meat consumption. Herrera had considered becoming vegetarian for some time but the video inspired her to become a vegan to help stop animal cruelty and save the environment.

Herrera says, “I love Plant Power. I always get the 66’ Buffalo sandwich with fries, vegan ranch, and a ‘milkshake.’ I think it is a very good fast food place for vegans and non-vegans as well. I have so many friends that are not vegan, but love eating there. This is a place for people that are not too picky about their food.”

More restaurants should adopt Plant Power’s values as they place much emphasis on being environmentally conscious and encouraging their customers to tend to their health. Plant Power “invite[s] you to come on by and enjoy a delicious meal or snack that’s kind to our animal friends, easy on the planet and good for the body you live in.”

 If you are curious in trying Plant Power’s own “milkshakes” or “chicken” nuggets, head on down to Plant Power in the Redlands Packing House District to experience this one of a kind vegan eatery for yourself.

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