Redlands High School hosts annual college fair


Redlands High School hosted a district wide college fair on Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019. The fair featured a multitude of campus representatives from all around the nation, with a range from San Bernardino Valley College to the University of East London and everything in between. The event was coordinated in unison by the Avid and Career Center departments of all four Redlands Unified high school campuses. Kari Hill, Citrus Valley’s Career Center adviser, spoke on the success of the event stating, “it was an outstanding night with a terrific turnout from over 60 colleges and representatives from all over the US, all of whom are anxious to admit new students.” 

This event preceded a district wide college month that will run throughout October and feature college related events, programs and opportunities all the way until Halloween. These events and similar future ones have been coordinated with the hope to give students easier access to financial aid, information about applications and admissions officials, as well as a way to get in contact with the campuses students are interested in. Citrus Valley’s Avid Coordinator, Sarah Keller, explained that, “our college fair is always a great opportunity for students to learn about the options they have after high school.”

The Redlands Unified School District’s college fair hosted over 25 private universities, 12 Cal State and UC campuses and five armed forces branches for their students to explore. (KELLY JOHNSTON/ La Plaza Photos)

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