Photos: Wildcats host first rally of the year


Redlands East Valley High School hosted its first rally of the year on Aug. 23 to commemorate the start of the fall season. Groups such as Choir, Band, Cheer, and Song performed and many games were played, such as Tug-of-war between the football players and musical chairs. Choir started the rally by singing the National Anthem. 

Redlands East Valley football captains, seniors Isaiah Bradford, left, Sabastian Gutierrez, middle, and Paul Munoz, right, start off the line of announcing the fall sports captains for each sport. (MIA ARANDA/ La Plaza photo)

Redlands East Valley senior football players engage in a tug-of-war match with senior Kapena Kamakawiwoole, right, in the front for his team. (MIA ARANDA/ La Plaza Photo)

Sophomore Dylan Petersen performs as a part of varsity song. (MIA ARANDA/ La Plaza photo)

Volunteers were chosen to participate in a game of musical chairs. In the final round, science teacher Ted Ducey won against English teacher Kurt Clements. (KASEY PLUMB/ La Plaza photo)
Junior Kenzie Roman performs as a part of the JV cheer team. (KASEY PLUMB/ La Plaza photo)

Senior and choir president, Thomas Miller, continues a choir riff-off by singing for his team. The riff-off had to be continued with songs from the opposing team that matched the same genre or word last sang. (KASEY PLUMB/ La Plaza photo)
Junior and student director, Tatum Mapes, concludes the choir riff-off. (KASEY PLUMB/ La Plaza photo)
An inflatable ball gets passed around in the freshman section during the rally. (KASEY PLUMB/ La Plaza photo)
Junior Brooke Fashempour prepares for the last game of the rally, titled the “Food Relay.” In the end, the junior class won this game. (KASEY PLUMB/ La Plaza photo)

Sophomore Lizeth López, Wildcat Dance Club member, entertain Wildcats with stomp dancing followed by a hip-hop performance to the song, “Yeah!” by Usher. (MIA ARANDA/ La Plaza photo)

The sophomore section being enthusiastic throughout the rally. (KASEY PLUMB/ La Plaza photo)

Wildcat Dance Club member, sophomore Jackie Martinez, said, “My favorite part of being in the rally was being together as a family.”

Freshman Emma Thompson, who experienced a rally for the first time, said, “I actually liked the rally, it was different than I thought because they were active with the students. I thought it was also fun when they did the class calls.”

The rally concluded with the traditional class calls, the REV fight song performed by cheer and band, and the Alma Mater.

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