Nayelli Bermudez is a 17-year-old senior at Redlands East Valley High School from Colton, CA, but has dual citizenship to Costa Rica.  Much of Bermudez’s family is from Costa Rica, so she goes down during the Summer. Her favorite high school experience so far has been joining La Plaza, and she is most looking forward to graduating this year.  Though she doesn’t have any particular college she wants to attend, Bermudez does hope to attend college after high school, potentially in the field of international relations. Bermudez works as the editor-in-chief for La Plaza, which she has been a member of since it was launched last year.  She was interested in joining La Plaza because of the bilingual aspect, she had always been interested in writing, but was drawn to the ability to communicate in both English and Spanish. In school, outside of La Plaza, Bermudez is the vice president of Possibilities club, which is involved with special needs students, as well as joining spanish club when it opens.  Outside of school, she enjoys reading, writing, and watching Netflix, while on weekends Bermudez loves to sleep in.

Favorite Beverage: Rootbeer

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