Sports Roundup: Playoffs in Full Swing for NBA, NHL


The postseasons have begun for the NBA and NHL, with some teams already looking to advance to the next round. Meanwhile, the MLB season has recently started, and the NFL schedule for the 2019-2020 year was released.

NBA – Western Conference

The Golden State Warriors are back in the game, leading the Los Angeles Clippers 3-1 after allowing the largest comeback win in playoff history at 31 points in Game 2.

The Denver Nuggets are tied with the San Antonio Spurs 2-2, showing their inexperience compared to the seasoned Spurs led by Lamarcus Aldridge and Gregg Popovich.

The Portland Trail Blazers are leading the Oklahoma City Thunder 2-1, with the Thunder taking the most recent game.

The Houston Rockets are looking to beat the Utah Jazz with the series currently at 3-0.

NBA – Eastern Conference

The Milwaukee Bucks have dominated the Detroit Pistons 3-0 thus far.

The Toronto Raptors are leading the Orlando Magic 2-1.

The Philadelphia 76ers have built a 3-1 lead over the Brooklyn.

Nets by winning three straight after a surprising loss in Game 1.

The Boston Celtics have swept the Indiana Pacers 4-0 in a series that was more competitive than the numbers would suggest.

NHL – Western Conference

The Dallas Stars are leading the Nashville Predators 3-2.

The Colorado Avalanche easily handled the team with the best record in the Western Conference, the Calgary Flames, 4-1.

The St. Louis Blues took care of the Winnipeg Jets 4-2.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are leading the San Jose Sharks 3-2 in a rematch of last year’s playoffs where the Golden Knights won 4-2.

NHL – Eastern Conference

The Columbus Blue Jackets unexpectedly swept the top team in the Eastern Conference, the Tampa Bay Lightning, 4-0.

The Washington Blue Jackets are leading in their series against the Carolina Hurricanes 3-2.

The Toronto Blue Leafs are tied with the Boston Bruins 3-3, with the last game to be held in Boston.

The New York Islanders swept the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-0.

MLB – American League East

  1. Tampa Bay Rays (14-8), 0 GB
  2. New York Yankees (11-10), 2.5 GB
  3. Toronto Blue Jays (11-12), 3.5 GB
  4. Boston Red Sox (9-13), 5 GB
  5. Baltimore Orioles (8-15), 6.5 GB

MLB – American League Central

  1. Minnesota Twins (12-7), 0 GB
  2. Cleveland Indians (12-9), 1 GB
  3. Detroit Tigers (10-10), 2.5 GB
  4. Chicago White Sox (8-12), 4.5 GB
  5. Kansas City Royals (7-15), 6.5 GB

MLB – American League West

  1. Seattle Mariners (16-9), 0 GB
  2. Houston Astros (13-8), 1 GB
  3. Texas Rangers (12-8), 1.5 GB
  4. Oakland Athletics (11-13), 4.5 GB
  5. Los Angeles Angels (9-13), 5.5 GB

MLB – National League East

  1. Philadelphia Phillies (12-9), 0 GB
  2. Atlanta Braves (11-10), 1 GB
  3. New York Mets (11-10), 1 GB
  4. Washington Nationals (10-10), 1.5 GB
  5. Miami Marlins (6-16), 6.5 GB

MLB – National League Central

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates (12-7), 0 GB
  2. St. Louis Cardinals (12-9), 1 GB
  3. Milwaukee Brewers (13-10), 1 GB
  4. Chicago Cubs (10-10), 2.5 GB
  5. Cincinnati Reds (8-13), 5 GB

MLB – National League West

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (15-9), 0 GB
  2. San Diego Padres (12-11), 2.5 GB
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks (11-11), 3 GB
  4. Colorado Rockies (9-13), 5 GB
  5. San Francisco Giants (9-14), 5.5 GB
NFL Schedule 2019-2020

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