Compact Club prepares students for the future through its annual mock interviews


Countless students desire to learn the logistics of what life after high school entails, but they do not know how to approach it. Many desire to get a jumpstart on their futures, but they do not know how to do so. They usually end up pushing it off until their senior year when they have to prepare for college. However, Compact Club provides students with an opportunity to get a head start on their futures.

Itzel Nuñez German, co-president of Citrus Valley Compact Club, recognizes the many important life skills that Compact Club teaches students, such as “how to create resumes, how to interview, and how to [speak in public],” in addition to the “different community service opportunities” it has to offer. Madison Skidmore, the other co-president of Citrus Valley Compact Club, explains, “Compact Club is a serious club that molds and inspires members to be bright, dedicated students.”

Bindhu Hosuru, president of REV Compact Club, exclaims, “Mock interviews are definitely the most important part of Compact; it is unbelievable how helpful they are.” Compact Club hosts the Mock Interview annually at Redlands High School, Redlands East Valley High School and Citrus Valley High School. This year, the interviews took place on April 2nd at RHS, April 3rd at REV and April 4th at Citrus Valley. Each school in the Redlands Unified School District, RHS, REV and Citrus Valley, had a separate panel of interviewers who dedicated their time to help the Compact Club members grow. Molly Johnston, a new Citrus Valley Compact Club member, greatly “appreciates the interviewers because they took the valuable time out of their day for the Compact Club members’ benefit.”

According to Hosuru, “Compact mock interviews [help] immensely because you practice answering the obvious questions that you will be asked” in real interviews, and “you learn how to be spontaneous when answering the unexpected question.” The mock interviews help students recognize their weaknesses, practice for more dire situations and overcome shyness.

The mock interviews taught Emily Walos, new Citrus Valley Compact Club member, what her “strengths and weaknesses are… and has given [her] more confidence in [her] individual speaking.” Mimi Tang, treasurer of Citrus Valley Compact Club, “[plans] to apply for a summer job after the school year ends,” and she recognizes how beneficial Compact Club’s mock interviews have been for her as she “no longer feels nervous at any interview.” Surely, Compact Club’s preparation will help her get this summer job. Itzel Nunez German “used to be really shy,” but with the help of Compact Club and its mock interviews she has “been able to get out of her shell and become more outgoing.”

Ultimately, Compact Club does teach students how to get a jumpstart on their futures. The mock interviews not only prepare students for their futures, but also build students’ confidence. Because of the mock interviews, Compact Club students can nail any interview and be successful in any business setting.

A big thank you to all of the interviewers, Cindy Brand, Kathryn Brown, Karen Coates, Adela Gonzales, Dr. Greg Jones, Jim O’Neil, John Maloney, Caroline McAllister, Dale Peters, Dan Shefchik, Rachel Tolber and Lynn Whitmer, who so graciously gave up their time for the betterment of the Compact Club members. Another big thank you to Ann Leonard, the head of Compact Club’s steering committee, who, with the help of the Compact Club officers, organized the mock interviews.

Emily Walos, a new member of Citrus Valley Compact Club, shakes Mr. Dale Peters’ hand before she begins her interview. The panel of interviewers at Citrus Valley consisted of Mr. Dale Peters, Dr. Greg Jones and Mr. Jim O’Neil.

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