Brief: Redlands East Valley Band gets back on track


Marching Wildcats photo

Last month, it was discovered that the white sea crates for the Redlands East Valley Band were broken into and hundreds of dollars worth of supplies and equipment were stolen. Due to an unfortunate mistake with the inventory count, the band was unable to get a refund on any of the stolen equipment.

Thanks to the generosity of one of the band members, they were able to earn hundreds of dollars back in donations. This was due to a Go Fund Me account set up for the band that a student, Renée Shantler, organized and asked for donations instead of birthday gifts.

According to an article written by the Redlands Daily Facts, the mother of said child claimed, “My heart swells that my daughter has done this for the band — her band,” and how “these thieves stole from her and every single instrumental student at REV.”

Thankfully, the band has recovered most of the money and are now in full swing. They just recently had REV Fest on March 9 and 11, hosting a few of the elementary schools and giving them a mini carnival after the children performed. REV Band has gotten back up after this blow and have come back ready for anything.

Lee este artículo en español aquí:

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