Citrus Valley ASB to host luau dance at home


luauCitrus Valley High School’s second annual Luau takes place on Friday, March 1 at 7 pm on Citrus Valley’s campus.

During the luau, the students can dance, eat tacos, and just hang out with their friends. ASB works to transform the campus from a bustling building where stressed students go to study into a laid-back luau where students can relax and really enjoy themselves.

Riley Stelzner, sophomore class president of ASB, and her team recognized that the student body needed something to “breakup the constant studying that we all partake in.” They created this Luau with that in mind.  

ASB created a dance where unlike other dances, students do not have to worry about paying for expensive tickets, wearing fancy clothes or traveling far away. This dance provides students with the simple luxury of being able to attend a dance at their own school where they can just wear casual attire.

Ultimately, all of ASB’s hard work and dedication will pay off. Students eagerly await for the clock to strike 7 o’clock, so that they can come dance, eat, and enjoy the “luau feel” that ASB has worked to provide.

Elise Kollar, freshman class vice president of ASB, said she’d like “the student body to have a memorable high school experience” to take with them the rest of their lives, and she realizes that the numerous dances that ASB hosts will contribute to that overall experience.

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